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How to Tell Good Abstract Art

An abstract painting catches your eye and you like it but you think ”I could do that” and back way.


Enjoy it.

It appealed to you and you don’t need to explain why.

It’s so much harder to paint than it looks.

There is a difference between those random splashes by just anyone, and those works by a professional artist, and if you just like it, there is probably good reason.

Here are some of the things that make that painting a good one.

What to look for.

1. Consistency. Both within the painting and in the artist’s portfolio. There will also be a consistent flow from one side of the painting to another. All areas will have something of interest to see.

2. Colour. Obvious choice of colours and a sophisticated use of them, such as in how they are combined or mixed.

3. Texture. Often in good abstract art there are obvious layers of paint with some showing through top ones.

4. Meaning. All great art has some meaning in its creation. You can see that thought and planning go into the painting, along with emotion. It’s not just random strokes and splashes.

5. Complexity. Use of techniques that the artist has have developed over time.

6. Comfort. Marks look made with intention to add to the whole of the painting.

7. There is something to hold your interest in all 4 quadrants of the painting

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